“I Love ScrapVillage”

27 07 2006

Just playing with Photoshop, trying to put together a cute little doo-dad for my siggy on ScrapVillage. The “I love” part is too hard to see, now that I’ve got it posted here. Oh well, back to Photoshop to try again! 



Vacation Tuesday

12 07 2006

Nick’s feeling better today, thank goodness. He slept most of the day but is now keeping down Gatorade and toast. That’s a step in the right direction. We just hung around at home today. I uploaded the pics off my digi-camera, and did some photo editing. My favorites are a great pic of Nick, and a hummingbird from the yard. They are on my other laptop, so I’ll have to upload them from there.

There is a Mini-Virtual Crop this weekend at Scrap Village. I’m hoping to have time to participate. Maybe I’ll even get some scrapping done this time! I also saw that the new Quickutz release is out for July! Some really cute summer shapes. [I don’t need them, I don’t need them. Step away from the computer.]

There is also a scrap retreat in September in AZ that I’d really like to go to. I still have lots of vacation to use up. It’s about $580 for a 3-day thing. A really nice resort, top-of-the-line instructors, all meals and room included, and 24 hour scrapping. I think I could learn a lot and make some new friends. Woohoo!

Tomorrow AM is a 2nd trip to the vet for CoCo. They will sedate her and get some x-rays of her hips, spine and knees. Hopefully whatever is wrong can be improved with some medication. Ed is all in a tizzy thinking that she might need surgery. He can’t understand why anyone would spend $1-2000 on a dog. Of course, I feel she is more important than just some ordinary dog, but he has trouble with the $$ part of that. I don’t think there is a need to jump to any conclusions. I’ll get the results from the vet from the x-rays, and her blood work, and we can go from there.

Thursday Nick has an eye MD appt. He’s about 6 months overdue. Oops! Then Saturday we are switching our cable and Internet connection from GVTC to Road Runner. More channels, less money for both services. Our neighbors switched a long time ago. We probably should have, too. Oh well. I guess now’s the time.

Take it easy, gang.

Just me

11 07 2006

Sick kiddo!

11 07 2006

Well, with only 3 days until his Sweet Sixteen (he’d hate it if he saw that!), Nick seems to have a stomach bug. We went to the Shops at La Cantera to pick out a few iPod things at the Apple store for his birthday last Wed, and he’s had n/v ever since. Poor kiddo! He got sick in the parking lot!

It’s been ages since he’s been sick and needed his old mommy. It’s strange to have a 6ft tall, almost 16 y/o baby needing me.

Well, like Scarlett said, tomorrow’s another day. Hopefully he’ll feel better in the morning.

Oh yeah – and I’m on vacation this week. Nick and I were supposed to be “tourists” this week, hitting the Alamo, Sea World, etc. Well, I won’t give up hope yet. It’s only Tuesday.