Oh yeah – nodules

29 10 2006

I just realized that in my previous entry, I failed to mention that I had my 6-month follow-up CT scan of my lungs. In Feb when I had pneumonia, they x-rayed my lungs. Besides pneumonia, they found a 4cm “thing”. I had to have a CT scan, and was told I had a nodule in my left lung. Nothing to worry about, just need to watch it to see if it’s grown or changed in 6 months. Hmmm. Nothing to worry about. OK.

Anyway, had the follow-up CT scan done, and I called for the results. The nurse (ditz) read the radiologist’s report to me over the phone. “None of them has changed or grown” she says. “None of them? I thought I only had one!” I say. She giggles. Nervous talking to me about this? Completely unaware of the impact or worry over having one, or more, nodules in my lungs? I decided it would be best to have her fax it to me so that I could read it myself, and decide for myself if I should worry or not. So she did. And here is what it says:

The right lung demonstrates several subcentimeter nodules scattered throughout; primarily the periphery with the largest: stable nodule noted on image In the left lower lung the largest nodule is in the posterior lateral aspect measuring 4.6 mm. No new definite nodules are seen. So wow. It’s 4.6 mm, not cm. I guess that’s good? And no changes, no new nodules, that’s definitely good.
When I read the part about having several scattered in my right lung, I couldn’t help but flashback to 1980-something when Dr. Phillip Henderson told me about my endometriosis, and dotted onto a napkin what the inside of my peritoneum looked like when he went in. Tons of little dots scattered throughout. Never heard of endometriosis in your lungs – but I flashed back to that nevertheless.
Oh – and I had my first mammogram the same day I had the CT scan. Ed said there was a message from my MD’s office saying to call them. They must have the results for that now, too. Hopefully more good news! That’s all folks!! Off again. xoxo


Thankful for…

29 10 2006

Definitely have not kept up on this blog thing, but I sure do enjoy hopping around to several blogs on my list to see what kinds of things are going on in other’s lives. My life is very good. No doubt about that. I have so much to be thankful for in every single day of my life. Lots goes on day to day, and I have to remind myself to be thankful sometimes.

 Nick is doing well, although he is currently on restriction from his favorite online game – World of Warcraft. It seems that too much time is being spent focusing on that, and not enough time keeping up with all things school-related. The three of us went to dinner last night at the coolest new restaurant – The Grill at Leon Springs – last night. We had a really great talk about what Nick really needs to do to help lay the foundation for his college career and life beyond. We were celebrating my 41st birthday (spent in Thousand Oaks, CA working). I honestly believe Nick really “gets” what needs to be done, and accepts part of that responsibility, but in his own words, he is having a hard time finding the motivation on a day-to-day basis to get ‘r done. Somehow, he’s got to get that motivation. Find it in his heart, or push himself that little bit extra to use his daily planner religously, and get those assignments done on time, turned in on time, and get those grades up to where we all (Ed, me and all his teachers!) know they can easily be.  It’s so much pressure at such a sometimes difficult age. I tried to reassure Nick that our discussion (which we’ve had many, many times before) is not meant to tell him he’s GOT to get straight A’s, or get the best grades in his class, but to gently remind him that we all know what his potential is. The college admissions teams, however, have much idfferent information to go on. They will be asking themselves, “Is he smart? What are his SAT scores?”. “Does he work hard? What are his grades?”. “Is he a good person, citizen? What is he involved in besides school?”. They will form a picture of him from that information, and put it up against the rest of the applicants. That’s what they will have to go on with Nick. They will not “know” him. They want the best of the best to attend their school and graduate and be a part of their alma matter.

Work is going well. Implementation in the Thousand Oaks office is progressing. Part of it is painfully slow, but is going nevertheless. Got some really raving reviews on my training from several members of their staff. Reminded them to send my boss an e-mail! lol Go live is Wed 11/1, so we’ll see how good a job I did that week for sure! This is my 6th site I’ve taken live by myself. I’ve also helped out on 3 others.

We’ve lost our CIO and QA person up at corporate, so I’m a little worried about keeping our momentum going. We’ll see how that plays out.

The pets are all doing well. I’m barely resisting the temptation to adopt another kitten. Maybe I could find a happy medium and be a foster and share my pet love that way. The hard part about doing that is being gone 3 weeks every month. I’d be shifting the responsibility to Ed and Nick. And although they love our pets almost as much as I do – I’m not sure they’d be volunteering for any of that. So I’ll just keep browsing PetFinder.com and wishing I could rescue all those little rascals. I simply HATE to think about so many being put to sleep every day here in San Antonio, mostly because there is no spay/neuter assistance universally available to the folks here. Education and low/no cost spay and neuter is the answer. Animal Control’s goal is to become no-kill by 2012. But tens of thousands will die before then. Maybe it’s time to volunteer at the shelter. Make it a better place and make a difference in those animals lives. It would be a really great thing to get Nick involved in. Maybe the right motivation to see that he can make a difference, and how rewarding it is to do a good job. Would look good on his college apps, too!

I’ve got 3 baby quilts almost done right now. I’m finishing up hand sewing on the binding of a beautiful pieced baby quilt that has Minkee for the backing. It’s going to a new baby girl of one of Ed’s work guys.  One is for one of the corporate clinical girls who had a baby girl, and one is for one of the guys in the El Paso office, who had a baby girl, also. It’s so much fun to sew with all that pink fabric! And the Minkee is THE softest stuff you’ve ever felt. It’s incredible!!

I haven’t done much scrapbooking at all recently. It’s been a few weeks. I still religously browse ScrapVillage to keep up with all the beautiful work being done – I just haven’t done any myself! Sewing is much more portable that scrapbooking!

I’ve also got a usual handwork project going. It’s a really nice stitchery that I think I’ll give to my boss, who just bought his first house and relocated from Boston to Chicago.

Well, time to get off this darn computer and get something done! (Laundry and that quilt binding!)

Remembering to be Thankful,