Oh yeah – nodules

29 10 2006

I just realized that in my previous entry, I failed to mention that I had my 6-month follow-up CT scan of my lungs. In Feb when I had pneumonia, they x-rayed my lungs. Besides pneumonia, they found a 4cm “thing”. I had to have a CT scan, and was told I had a nodule in my left lung. Nothing to worry about, just need to watch it to see if it’s grown or changed in 6 months. Hmmm. Nothing to worry about. OK.

Anyway, had the follow-up CT scan done, and I called for the results. The nurse (ditz) read the radiologist’s report to me over the phone. “None of them has changed or grown” she says. “None of them? I thought I only had one!” I say. She giggles. Nervous talking to me about this? Completely unaware of the impact or worry over having one, or more, nodules in my lungs? I decided it would be best to have her fax it to me so that I could read it myself, and decide for myself if I should worry or not. So she did. And here is what it says:

The right lung demonstrates several subcentimeter nodules scattered throughout; primarily the periphery with the largest: stable nodule noted on image In the left lower lung the largest nodule is in the posterior lateral aspect measuring 4.6 mm. No new definite nodules are seen. So wow. It’s 4.6 mm, not cm. I guess that’s good? And no changes, no new nodules, that’s definitely good.
When I read the part about having several scattered in my right lung, I couldn’t help but flashback to 1980-something when Dr. Phillip Henderson told me about my endometriosis, and dotted onto a napkin what the inside of my peritoneum looked like when he went in. Tons of little dots scattered throughout. Never heard of endometriosis in your lungs – but I flashed back to that nevertheless.
Oh – and I had my first mammogram the same day I had the CT scan. Ed said there was a message from my MD’s office saying to call them. They must have the results for that now, too. Hopefully more good news! That’s all folks!! Off again. xoxo




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