Thanksgiving & A Biopsy

23 11 2006

Today was an absolute blast and took my mind off of yesterday. Nick and I fought the crowds at HEB yesterday and picked up a fresh turkey and all the goodies we needed. So today we popped the turkey in the oven and started cookin’! (And you know I hardly ever cook! ;)) So, turkey, homemade stuffing, mashed potatoes (not from a box!), rolls, relish tray, cranberry jelly, deviled eggs, gravy, homemade pumpkin pie (with homemade crust and everything!!). Wow! I haven’t cooked that much in years. And Ed and Nick were such a big help. I used our double ovens for the first time. That was really nice. The best part was that I did not burn anything, and everything was done within a few minutes of each other. I usually burn something, and don’t get everything done at the same time. Woohooooooo! Still some excellent pieces of turkey breast left over for those yummy turkey & dressing sandwiches tomorrow. Mmmmmm!

More health news. The nodules, they say, are fine for now. So I had a mammogram on the same day I had the CT scan. Got a call and a letter saying something showed up that they would like to check on further. I went Wed (11/22/06) for an ultrasound of my left breast. The us tech was very nice. She has a daughter turning 16 on Dec. 3, and they are having a huge Sweet 16 party for her. All the stuff that goes into the planning of a wedding, is going into this Sweet 16 party. Took my mind off of the reason I was there. I wasn’t really scared. Not scared of the procedure, and I figured the ultrasound would show that it was a cyst, fibroid or otherwise, and that it is nothing to worry about. Until the us tech took the pics to the radiologist. She took my hand in hers, told me that I should not worry, but that she found the suspicious spot that the radiologist has seen on the mammo. And she had captured enough information for the radiologist, she didn’t need to take any additional pics, and I didn’t have to repeat the mammo or anything. But I needed to follow-up ASAP to have a biopsy done. She told me that the mass was solid and that it was suspicious. And she told me not to worry and held my hand. And so I became increasingly worried. I tried to focus on what she was telling me and not freak out. She said I would receive a letter in the mail from the radiologist, and my doctor would receive the radiology report maybe Friday because of the holiday. Then I could schedule my biopsy. So I wiped the ultrasound gel from my breast and went to the changing room to get dressed. And I told myself not to freak out. The nodules in my lung, and a tumor in my breast could be completely unrelated, with absolutely nothing to worry about. But I’m on the verge of freaking out.

Drove home, called my boss and told him I’d be worthless the rest of the day and asked for the afternoon off to research. And that’s what I’ve been doing. Researching biopsies. Needle biopsies. UTHSC has a new one. I need to discuss with my MD what he thinks, and make a quick decision. There is a Breast Center in San Antonio, too. I’ll be looking closely at that, also. And consulting with the nurses I know. Terri was in oncology for a few years and will have an opinion on who to see or not to see for breast stuff. Not that I need an oncologist. But not knowing who in town is best to see for a biopsy, it would be great to get an insider’s advice. And Terri is the sweetest of nurses. She left Option Care shortly after I went back to work for corporate.

So that’s the news for yesterday and today.