Photo a Day Challenge ~ Dec. 25, 2006 ~ Merry Christmas!!

25 12 2006

What a truly wonderful Christmas. Traditionally, Ed has gotten the short end of the stick since Nick was born. It was always all about Nick. It was time to catch Ed up a little!

So here he is with my corny handmade shadowbox for his father’s gun. The gun is a very special piece to him, since his Dad died when he was 2, and he has no memory of him.


And here is the other half of the “big” stuff Ed got for Christmas, with his apprentice Jake, ready and reporting for duty!


It’s really bothered me since we moved to TX that Ed no longer has his shop full of all of his woodworking tools to putter around with. So there’s a start. =)


And what a great pile of goodies I got! All sorts of scrapping stuff, stamping stuff and quilting stuff! Woohoo. The best part of all was the tripod that I shot most of the Christmas pics with. That’s a BIG WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Nick’s Christmas involved mostly computer stuff. Right before Christmas, he fried his processor. So we replaced that, as well as the hard drive controller, and the video card. He actually asked for clothes for Christmas, too! So he got a bunch of pairs of pants, a bunch of shirts, and his usual underwear for his stocking.

We took care of the pets, too. They all got treats and new toys. The cats enjoyed the boxes and paper more than anything, though. (Just like kids, huh?)


Ed decided to be chef for the day, and cooked some delicious tenderloin steaks with all our fave fixings. Very yummy.

A satisfying day all around. Like I said a few days back, we are truly blessed.




Photo a Day Challenge ~ Dec. 24, 2006

25 12 2006

I can remember the anticipation of Christmas Eve growing up. Presents under the tree had magically multiplied and we would get dressed up for Christmas Eve service at Christmas. Chrissy and I were in the choir, and got to sing. It was a wonderful way to celebrate the true meaning of the season. Then, at midnight, we would get to open presents!!

As a really young child at the house on Russell Street, I can remember hearing the sound of sleigh bells and then Mom and Dad came and woke us up and told us that Santa had been to our house! What joy!

Aunt Gladys, who wasn’t a relative by blood, but a relative by choice, lived across the street. One year before Christmas Mom, Aunt Gladys, Chrissy and I went to a department store and tried on snow suits. Mom and Aunt Gladys told us that Aunt Gladys had 2 nieces about our size, and she wanted to get the right size. So on christmas when we opened them, we were SO excited to find those snow suits in boxes from Aunt Gladys and Uncle Joe. Probably one of my all time favorite Christmas memories. We played and played in those snow suits and were so sad when we grew out of them.


Enjoy the true meaning of the season.



Photo a Day Challenge ~ Dec. 23, 2006

25 12 2006

There’s my handsome hubby! Hmmm, looks like it’s time for me to trim that hair, though! And too bad I couldn’t have caught a smile on him!


Still getting things finished up for Christmas! We’re all getting pretty excited watching the pile under the tree grow. Can I get a Woohoo?



Photo a Day Challenge ~ Dec. 22, 2006

25 12 2006

Mmmm, cozy. Home for the Holidays. *Way* too many presents under that tree for 3 people. We are truly fortunate.

And Jake loves to pose for the camera. 😉


Photo a Day Challenge ~ Dec. 21, 2006

25 12 2006

A couple of years ago, one of my quilting buddies sent a picture of her golden retriever, Reggie, in her Christmas card. Reggie was lying in a bed of fall leaves, and he blended in perfectly. His beautiful golden coat shining in the sun, blending with those gorgeous autumn colors. On the back of the picture, she had written “Where’s Waldo?”. That’s exactly what I thought of when I saw this pic of CoCo. She is the same color as the couch. When her head is down, and you can’t see her graying muzzle or her patch of white on her chest, she becomes stealth dog!

Where’s CoCo?


{And yes, this is CoCo’s couch. She shares with us when we want to watch a movie on the big-screen in the living room. Leather is *so* practical for wiping down and removing dog hair. Upholstered furniture just holds onto too much hair!}

Photo a Day Challenge ~ Dec. 20, 2006

25 12 2006

Had to wait to post this pic, since it is Ed’s Christmas present. He has this old gun (muzzle-loader?) that was his father’s. I decided to try my hand at woodworking and whip up a shadowbox for him, for this gun. It looks a bit like a high school woodshop project in it’s simplicity, but as I told a friend – it was the first time I’ve used power tools (well, except an electric screwdriver) and I still have all my fingers! Look Ma, no blood!


I used 1 x 6 pine for the frame and plywood for the backing. The backing is wrapped in ivory velvet. That was a “happy accident”. I had intended to use black velvet but could not locate any in town. The ivory was available, and as soon as I saw it, I realized that if I had used black, the gun would have blended right into it. So yippee for the fabric stores not having any black.

Ed unwrapped it this morning and seems to really like it. I suspect he likes the effort more than the actual results. 😉 I got him a new table saw for Christmas, too, since he hasn’t had one since we moved from WA. If I had all of that to do over, I never would have let him sell all his tools before we left. He should have kept them all. He is so talented and it is a great creative outlet for him. Like my Dad always says, “Hindsight has 20-20 vision.”


Photo a Day Challenge ~ Dec. 19, 2006

25 12 2006

Hmmm, are deer the most interesting things in my life right now? hee hee hee.

This big bunch were all just minding their own business down the street as I was on my way out shopping, so I had to flash a pic, just in case the above is true. 😉