Photo A Day Challenge ~ Dec 4th, 2006 ~ HEB

6 12 2006


So Nick needed a refill on his Protonix (keeps his tummy under control for the most part). I had him call to make sure it had been filled before we went to the pharmacy to pick it up. No problem, they said, we’ll have it ready by 5:45. We left about 6:00, got there about 6:15 and waited in line. And waited in line. And waited in line. And finally got to the window. And it wasn’t ready. So we waited, and snapped a few pictures. 😉 Here’s my excitement for today – the HEB drive-through sign. Isn’t that sweet? Something to read to pass the time!

 Today is also Mom’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Mom! Sounds like you had a great dinner out last night, and a wonderful day today with family, presents, cake and ice cream. A birthday celebration doesn’t get much better than that – all the essentials, no matter where you are in this great big world.




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