Photo A Day Challenge ~ Dec. 11, 2006 ~ Windy City, Here I Come!

17 12 2006

Today was an early, and looonnng day! I had a 6:40 flight from San Antonio to Chicago for a meeting at corporate. I was up and running around 3:30 to get ready. Thankfully I had actually packed the night before and laid out my clothes for today, so things went pretty smoothly. Ed very generously took me to the airport, so I had a bit more time than usual, too, not having to find parking and make the trek to the terminal. Curb-side service! Can’t beat that at 5AM! The airport is an absolute mess right at the terminal. All of the pavement is torn up in front of the terminal, and they are also building another parking garage. Woohoo! I’m sure it will be nice in a few months.

The last time I flew back from L.A., I saw signs up that the Port of San Antonio has been working on getting all of the birds to roost somewhere else by lighting fireworks in and around the parking garage. Well, it didn’t work because they are back in force. The birds are grackles, I think. When I was working on the beta in Oklahoma City, they struggled with the same issue at one of the malls. They were using fireworks as a deterrent. I can’t remember if that worked or not. (That was 5 years ago, after all!) lol.

So, on the the picture of the day for me. I got several shots of the gang that were training with me, as well as the trainees. Carey was up from Little Rock, also, and we both decided to head to the hotel right after work. I flipped on the boob-tube in my room as I unpacked and what was on?


The Wizard of Oz! I haven’t watched this movie in years! It was definitely a favorite from my childhood. Chrissy and I would get to stay up past our usual (very early) bedtime and get to watch. I can remember being afraid of the Wicked Witch of the West, as well as her flying monkeys. Oooh, and that dark forest was SO scary! How things have changed, huh? If that’s the scariest things kids see now, then parents are doing a great job protecting them. There is way too much blood, gore, and garbage on TV. OK, I’ll get off my soapbox now. hee hee hee.






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