Photo a Day Challenge ~ Dec. 20, 2006

25 12 2006

Had to wait to post this pic, since it is Ed’s Christmas present. He has this old gun (muzzle-loader?) that was his father’s. I decided to try my hand at woodworking and whip up a shadowbox for him, for this gun. It looks a bit like a high school woodshop project in it’s simplicity, but as I told a friend – it was the first time I’ve used power tools (well, except an electric screwdriver) and I still have all my fingers! Look Ma, no blood!


I used 1 x 6 pine for the frame and plywood for the backing. The backing is wrapped in ivory velvet. That was a “happy accident”. I had intended to use black velvet but could not locate any in town. The ivory was available, and as soon as I saw it, I realized that if I had used black, the gun would have blended right into it. So yippee for the fabric stores not having any black.

Ed unwrapped it this morning and seems to really like it. I suspect he likes the effort more than the actual results. 😉 I got him a new table saw for Christmas, too, since he hasn’t had one since we moved from WA. If I had all of that to do over, I never would have let him sell all his tools before we left. He should have kept them all. He is so talented and it is a great creative outlet for him. Like my Dad always says, “Hindsight has 20-20 vision.”





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