Photo a Day Challenge ~ Dec. 24, 2006

25 12 2006

I can remember the anticipation of Christmas Eve growing up. Presents under the tree had magically multiplied and we would get dressed up for Christmas Eve service at Christmas. Chrissy and I were in the choir, and got to sing. It was a wonderful way to celebrate the true meaning of the season. Then, at midnight, we would get to open presents!!

As a really young child at the house on Russell Street, I can remember hearing the sound of sleigh bells and then Mom and Dad came and woke us up and told us that Santa had been to our house! What joy!

Aunt Gladys, who wasn’t a relative by blood, but a relative by choice, lived across the street. One year before Christmas Mom, Aunt Gladys, Chrissy and I went to a department store and tried on snow suits. Mom and Aunt Gladys told us that Aunt Gladys had 2 nieces about our size, and she wanted to get the right size. So on christmas when we opened them, we were SO excited to find those snow suits in boxes from Aunt Gladys and Uncle Joe. Probably one of my all time favorite Christmas memories. We played and played in those snow suits and were so sad when we grew out of them.


Enjoy the true meaning of the season.






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