Photo a Day Challenge ~ Dec. 25, 2006 ~ Merry Christmas!!

25 12 2006

What a truly wonderful Christmas. Traditionally, Ed has gotten the short end of the stick since Nick was born. It was always all about Nick. It was time to catch Ed up a little!

So here he is with my corny handmade shadowbox for his father’s gun. The gun is a very special piece to him, since his Dad died when he was 2, and he has no memory of him.


And here is the other half of the “big” stuff Ed got for Christmas, with his apprentice Jake, ready and reporting for duty!


It’s really bothered me since we moved to TX that Ed no longer has his shop full of all of his woodworking tools to putter around with. So there’s a start. =)


And what a great pile of goodies I got! All sorts of scrapping stuff, stamping stuff and quilting stuff! Woohoo. The best part of all was the tripod that I shot most of the Christmas pics with. That’s a BIG WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Nick’s Christmas involved mostly computer stuff. Right before Christmas, he fried his processor. So we replaced that, as well as the hard drive controller, and the video card. He actually asked for clothes for Christmas, too! So he got a bunch of pairs of pants, a bunch of shirts, and his usual underwear for his stocking.

We took care of the pets, too. They all got treats and new toys. The cats enjoyed the boxes and paper more than anything, though. (Just like kids, huh?)


Ed decided to be chef for the day, and cooked some delicious tenderloin steaks with all our fave fixings. Very yummy.

A satisfying day all around. Like I said a few days back, we are truly blessed.






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