Photo a Day Challenge ~ Dec. 27, 2006

1 01 2007

This was Gigi’s signature piece. Yep, it’s real diamonds, and this picture does NOT do it justice. I guess I need good indirect lighting so that there is not so much reflection/blur. I think of her anytime I’ve got it on. I remember being about 10 years old or so, and she came to New Hampshire from Seattle for a visit. I was instantly mesmerized with that ring! I asked her if I could put it on, and she gladly handed it to me. I remember the heft of that ring on my finger. It is definitely weighty. Later when Mom and I lived with her and Bob on the farm in Stanwood, anywhere we went people would comment on how beautiful her ring was. And it is. If I remember correctly, her husband Bob had it made for her. He was friends with Ben Bridge and his brother, and one of the bridge brothers designed it along with Gigi and Bob. How incredible. It’s really nice to see it and think of her. She loved to have fun and enjoy the good things in life. And she deserved to. She worked very hard very early in her life.







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