Photo a Day Challenge ~ Dec. 28, 2006

1 01 2007

Man at Work!

Here is the master plumber at work. A few weeks back while we were sitting in the rec room, Ed thought he heard water spraying. He looked high and low for what was spraying or leaking, and finally decided that it was inside the wall between the dining room and Nick’s bathroom. He pulled the cabinet out and saw that the sheetrock was starting to get wet. He had to remove a bunch of sheetrock and then had to cap off the plumbing so that he could get parts. There was just a little pin hole in the copper pipe! The thing that amazed me so much was that Ed heard it – he never hears anything – or is that selective hearing at work? lol

Well, Ed fixed the plumbing right after the leak and now it’s time to put the bathroom back together!







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