Photo a Day Challenge ~ Dec. 30, 2006

1 01 2007

The bathroom is coming along very nicely! The wall is repaired, the paint is up, the cabinet is put in, and the toilet is back in! Yay Ed!! He always does such nice work.

The wainscoting and trim is next, then the sinks, faucets, new towel bars, roll holder, caulking, light fixture, and, and, and…lol. This bathroom had chrome fixtures that had seen better days. We decided to go with brushed nickel. I think it will all look so nice!

Ed has his assistant helping today, too. How lucky he is. *meow*. Jake kept stealing the plumbing parts from Ed while he was working. He’s such a funny cat!

NYE tomorrow. Woohoo! There is a big celebration down at the Tower of the Americas. They have a 15 minute long fireworks show that begins at midnight, too. That must cost a pretty penny. We’ll be watching that from the comfort of our rec room, with beverages of our choice and no long drive home. (What an old fuddy duddy, huh?)







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