Photo a Day Challenge ~ Dec. 31, 2006

1 01 2007

New Year’s Eve! Back in the day, we’d be making plans to go and party until the sun came up! Instead, we’re doing some housework, and I decided to crochet an i-pod sock! I haven’t crocheted since I was probably in Junior High. I googled some instructions and picked it right back up. It was really fun and went together SO fast. The body is all single crochet, then i decided to do a row of double/triple crochet to fancy it up a bit. The last 2 steps were to close it up and put a neck strap on it. I figured the strap would make it easy to hold onto when I’m puttering around the airport.


Yeah, the first one is kinda blurry. Shoulda used the tripod! And the color is a bit off – it’s a nice bright apple green. The color looks kinda pastel on my monitor.







One response

5 01 2007

Ooo! That’s a good feeling. I’m just happy I got our Christmas presents put away 🙂

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