30 Days Down ~ An Entire Life to Go!

21 01 2007

Well, I quit smoking on 12/21/06, so I’m counting today as one month down!  Ed and I had been planning to quit for a long time, and we finally took our last step – picking a date and just doing it! I thought that quitting while I was on vacation over the holidays would be a great time – and it worked out just as planned. I was busier with more fun things, not stressing about work, was not influenced by being at one of the offices where there is anyone smoking, and I could just relax about the whole thing. I ended up wearing a patch a few days, and I was *really* crabby a few days. We all got through it though – hopefully without any permanent damage!

 I finally got my hair done yesterday and I feel SO much better. It’s amazing what a good cut and color can do for a girl! 😉

 I’ve got a big batch of stuff prepared and pulled together for Valentine’s Day cards. I think they will go together really nicely. I’ll probably get them done next weekend.

Friends of ours from Seattle, Dick and Bonnie, will be here Thursday. We’re really excited to see them and have a chance to catch up. Dick has a class or business or something in Dallas, so they are coming all the way down here to see us~! Maybe we’ll go do some touristy things. I’m not sure yet how long they will be staying. We got the spare bedroom cleared out, and the bed remade. We haven’t had house guests since Dad & Sandy were here in May. That was a really great visit, and I bet this one will be, too. I’m sure there will be great photo ops, too.

 Oh – and some really exciting news!! Nick got his driver’s permit Friday, so Ed took him out driving for about 2 hours on Saturday and today. Ed said he did really well. He has a few things to work on, but what new driver doesn’t?

A big woohoo for Nick!!




One response

6 02 2007

Congrats on your decision to stop smoking. A difficult task to take on, I’m sure!

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