Heya from Bullhead City, AZ/Laughlin, NV

21 02 2007

This has been an interesting trip. My first trip to an office, especially to a city that I have never visited before, is always interesting. Flew into Las Vegas on Tuesday and drove down to Bullhead City. The airport in Vegas is ridiculous. I was here about a year ago for a conference, and it was really crowded then, but really, it’s BAD. Way too many people, way too many cars!! What a pain.

Anywho, the drive down was nice. It’s definitely a different landscape. SO brown, and more mountains that I expected. It reminded me of Eastern Washington, and Phoenix, too. 

Ever been to this area? Bullhead City is not exactly a thriving metropolis! If you’ve never been here, these two cities are across the Colorado River from each other. Laughlin is like a little Las Vegas, with pretty big hotel/casinos lining the riverbank. A couple of them must be like 25 stories or more. You just don’t expect that out here in the middle of the desert! Probably kind of like when Vegas was a “baby”?

The majority of the folks here are snowbirds. I haven’t seen one child/teenager/young person since I got here! On the street behind all the casinos, the far side is all RV parking. I’ll have to snap some pics before I leave. It has a certain unique character. Not exactly dazzling or anything. Gotta wonder what attracts people to move here. Perhaps there are other areas with more redeeming qualities that I just haven’t seen yet. 😉

The office I’m working in is new, and the folks are very nice. Kinda stiff, but they’re warming up to me. (How could you not? I’m such a goofball!)




Chocolate & Champagne

17 02 2007

Woohoo! Another FO! I ran across the pattern below, and really liked the texture of the yarn. Didn’t care too much for the shape of the bag, so I figured I’d get the yarn and play with the shape.

Chenile Purse

Voila! Here is my curvier version of this bag! Someday I’ll get better with the color/saturation on this little camera, but you get the idea. The yarn is Lion Brand Chenille Thick & Quick. It is sumptious! I liked the color combination, too, so went with what the sample used – Chocolate & Champagne. Just like Dante, my Siamese cat. *snort* Whadda ya think?

My Chocolate & Champagne Purse

On to choose the next project. Hmmm. Quilt, Scrapbook, Crochet, Knit, Embroidery? May take a little bit to figure out what I want to work on next! lol



Who’s got hair?

4 02 2007


Yeah, it’s humiliating, isn’t it? That is some BIG 80’s hair, huh? Posted this as a challenge from my scrapping buds. Guess it could be worse, huh?