Chocolate & Champagne

17 02 2007

Woohoo! Another FO! I ran across the pattern below, and really liked the texture of the yarn. Didn’t care too much for the shape of the bag, so I figured I’d get the yarn and play with the shape.

Chenile Purse

Voila! Here is my curvier version of this bag! Someday I’ll get better with the color/saturation on this little camera, but you get the idea. The yarn is Lion Brand Chenille Thick & Quick. It is sumptious! I liked the color combination, too, so went with what the sample used – Chocolate & Champagne. Just like Dante, my Siamese cat. *snort* Whadda ya think?

My Chocolate & Champagne Purse

On to choose the next project. Hmmm. Quilt, Scrapbook, Crochet, Knit, Embroidery? May take a little bit to figure out what I want to work on next! lol






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