Let’s Catch Up!

14 04 2007

I’d say it’s been a while since I blogged, huh? Here’s what I’ve been up to, for the most part:

– several more trips to Long Beach, CA for a successful software implementation

– lots more stitching, photography, knitting and scrapping

– hanging with the fam!

One of my very best friends from WA, Tomi, has had her 2nd baby!! It’s a boy! Luke is his name, and he is really adorable. Tomi and Kyle have made 2 absolutely gorgeous children! Way to go Tomi and Kyle!


*~* My dear sister decided to convert to Catholicism a while back and has been going through the classes to accomplish that. A couple of weeks ago she and her husband had their vows re-confirmed in the Catholic church. She called me, letting me know that she needed to apologize to me. I hadn’t a clue what she was talking about – then she let on that she had asked her sister-in-law to stand up for them in the church. I had to giggle. I really would have loved to be there for her. In their first wedding in 1984, I was being a really selfish 19yr old and wouldn’t commit to going to NH for the wedding. A large part of it was actually that I didn’t have a pot to pi** in or a window to throw it out of – and I just wasn’t sure I could squeeze out the bucks to fly out from WA. Anywho – she had to ask one of her friends to be maid of honor. Yeah, I should have gotten a second job, or found a way to be there. And if I had known about their vows in the Catholic church, I would have found a way to be there. I have plenty of FF miles to burn up. That would definitely have been a worthy cause.

*~* So today I finished a project I started yesterday. I’ve been nostagalically admiring some ads in the scrapbooking mags with flowerpots containing pinwheels. (It’s one of my fave quilt blocks, too!)  Amy Butler is a designer who’s had some really yummy fabric lines for years now, and just came out with a line of scrapbooking papers and supplies. I snatched up some on a recent trip to the brand-spanking new Michael’s at The RIM!

So whadda ya think?



Yummy Amy Butler Pinwheels

*~* Today Ed went to the River City Bike Fest and found a few things he liked. Big surprise, huh? Boys and their toys? Almost as bad as me with shoes, bags and craft stuff! 😉

Motorcycle w/Big Block Chevy Engine

Tomorrow I think I’ll finish Nick’s flannel quilt for him, then get packed up for Chico. That’ll be a long day of travel and work. Hopefully the hotel is decent. This will be my first trip to Chico. They are next on my list for work for the software implementation. They are a conscientious office and I am expecting them to be a great office to work with.

“C” ya soon.






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