Spiders and Yarn

18 05 2007

Well, what a FUN day today. After work I went into Boerne and picked up the Nick-ster and since I had never been in the LYS there, Rosewood Yarns, I decided to make a quick stop. The woman (?the shop owner?) was super nice and helpful. I ended up spending over $100, but that includes 2 books, 8 hanks of some really lucious light yarn to knit a tank top: Berroco Touche 50/50 Cotton Rayon, berocco-touche-7909-mint-julep-7909a.jpg

some circular needles in size 7 & 8, and 2 big hanks of some Cascade Yarns Tweed wool to felt. One hank is this fuschia color cascade-yarns-220tweedskein-fuschia.jpgand the other is a gorgeous cerulean blue. Oh yeah – and I picked up 2 brand spankin’ new Noni Designs patterns – Cascading Fuschias Market Bag  and Just Pockets! Woohoo!

Tonight we went to see Spiderman

 in the Palladium IMAX theater. I am SO loving that this new theater is just 10 minutes or so away. It’s at the new shopping center – The Rim. That’s where the Michael’s is, plus a tons of other great stores – even a Super Target. And of course DH loves the Bass Pro Shop there. Yeah, I can drop him off there for hours. He can go do his guy thing, and I can get me some craftin’ on!!

I’m hoping to be super-productive this weekend. Have a fabulous one yourself!





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