Houston, TX, Living Free & Work News…

2 07 2007

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been since May since I blogged! I was doing well for a while there! Oh well, here’s what’s been happening with me.

I finished a successful implementation with the Chico office. They were SO kind, cooperative and appreciative of my knowledge and skills. It’s satisfying to feel like I’ve made a difference. We all want to feel that, don’t we? No matter if it’s family stuff or work stuff or community stuff – anything. The staff there put together a scrapbook page for me, signed by all of the staff, with gift cards to Starbuck’s frappuccino.jpg

and Michael’smichaels-logo.gif!!

They also included maps to each from the Houston office, knowing I’d be there the following week! How is that for a fabulous prize! I was really surprised and very thankful.

I had begun work on my next site, Houston, TX, a few weeks ago, and was there last week. Since it’s only a couple hundred miles away, I decided to drive. And since I hadn’t seen Nick for 2 solid weeks, I decided to snag him to go with me. We had planned for him to do some of the driving, too, but he had a hard time waking up Monday morning. {Hmmm, after staying up 3/4 of the night playing WOW, I wonder why he was so tired??} We hit a couple of spots of blinding downpour, so I was glad I drove anyway. Anywho – the GM in Houston worked on the i-emphsys team a couple of years back, and we really hit it off and shared a lot of knowledge during that time and developed a real mutual respect. It was great to see her and to work with her all week. She has some really dedicated and seasoned staff to work with, and a fairly large operation.

Nick and I enjoyed seeing each other over dinner each night, and just spending time together in the evening. We stayed at the Hampton Inn, and it was pleasant. Not the Taj Mahal, but very clean and easy to get in/out of, close to the office. I had the work piled up, so we didn’t squeeze in any touristy stuff. It’s so hard to fit that in when I’m traveling. I’d really like to get to the Johnson Space Center for NASA.

And I was in a HUGE hurry to get home Friday night, left Houston at 3PM , in order to get in line for an IPHONE!!!! Ed and I had discussed getting them, and once he watched the video on what you can do with one, he was sold. He wanted one, too!! He got to the Apple store at La Cantera around 6:15, stood in line for a bit and had 2 brand spanking new iPhones for us by 6:45. Which was the exact time Nick and I pulled into the mall at La Cantera. What perfect timing!!

 Saturday was a waste of a day for me. I was exhausted from being on the road for 4 weeks and running my buns off. Sunday we all went to the Palladium for a double feature, but oops – I didn’t do what I usually do and buy the tickets online before we go – and Rattatouie (spelling??) was sold out. So we just saw Live Free or Die Hard
Live Free or Die Hard!

(instead of both).Oh well – gotta love Bruce Willis. And the Mac commercials guy was a great sidekick for him. Major smart ass. It was a good movie! We’ll probably see the Rat on July 4th.

I haven’t scrapped, knit or quilted in a while. I am knitting a cupcake, but frogged the whole thing because I found a screw up in one of the previous rows and want it to be perfect. The knit cupcakes are the cutest things I’ve seen in a loooong time!knitcupcakes2.jpg

That’s it for now. We haven’t floated away yet with all of the rain! Wish us luck – it’s supposed to keep raining!