Cupcake Love!

14 08 2007

I finally finished my little knitted cupcake. I’d actually like to put a couple of buttons or beads or something on top of the “frosted” part, but nothing in my stash really goes with it. I’ll have to hunt around at Michael’s and see what I can find!




Hanging Out

10 08 2007

Well what’s new with you? I drove over to Houston Tuesday morning, and took the Nickster with me so that he could drive me home. I also had an ulterior motive. I wanted him to setup some of the PC’s over there. Tuesday afternoon was wonderfully productive for both of us! I had a room booked at the Sheraton over by the Galleria.
Sheraton Suites, Houston Galleria

It was a very nice hotel, great size room. The only bummer was that Nick got the pull-out sofa and the mattress was wafer thin! Not a good thing for a 6’2″ growing young man! 😉

We decided to have some dinner brought in via TakeoutTaxi. Nick is really into that whole “bring me really good food” thing right now. We’re all sick of our same-old, same-old meals or fast food. And I couldn’t talk him into going out to dinner. He was tired from all that riding in the passenger seat and stuff, right? (Well, he really did dismantle 9 old PC’s and setup 9 new ones…) So we order Italian, eat a yummy dinner and then whammo – I’m sick. Really sick. Down for the count, miserable all night long. I’ve done Takeout Taxi in Chicago, Los Angeles and Chico and never had a problem. But Houston – not so much. Ouch. Eww. So, I called the GM in the Houston office, explained the sitch to her and apologized. Then laid down for a couple of hours, packed and hit the road for home.

Nick’s driving has definitely improved!

Nick’s First Drive Ever

(This was his first drive ever!)

He’s much more controlled now. Me being miserably ill in the car, dying to get home did make him a bit nervous, though, I think. And all the semi’s, and people with radar detectors going 180 mphscreaming up onto his bumper. That may have made him a bit nervous, too.

Nick - Camera Shy

And he is just a ham for the camera! Oh how I miss that toothy grin of his from his younger days!

Speaking of pictures of Nick, it’s time to arrange for SENIOR PICTURES!! And I spent a bit of time browsing for a photographer, and believe I found the perfect one!! I love her photographic style! I think we’ll go for a nice outdoor location, maybe an early morning shoot so that it’s not 110 in the shade during the shoot! The photographer is Zoie Norris, of Norris Photography. Prices are comparable to others in the area, and did I mention I *love* her work?? 🙂

On the work newsfront, everything is running like clockwork on the Walgreen’s acquisition of OptionCare. The current CFO for OptionCare, Paul Mastrapa, will be our new President. And it sounds like the software that I have been working with over the last few years and implementing across the country will continue to be used, and the implementations will be accelerated. So some potential job security there. (Fingers crossed!) And the really good news is that the big pile of stock options I received when I took the GM position in San Antonio will be honored. So together with the 250 options from 2002, Nick may actually get some parental assistance with college tuition! And Ed may get that riding lawn mower he’s been dreaming of! 3/4 of an acre of grass is a PITA to mow every weekend!

On the crafting front, I’ve done zippo. There was a VC last weekend at ScrapVillage, and I did some chatting and hanging out with them, but really didn’t accomplish anything. However, hold onto your hat, I cleaned my craft room! I have an entirely clear table top, as well as all my little goodies put in their place! Paper is organized, little embellishments sorted, tools all spiffied up and I’m ready to scrap, sew, quilt, knit and crochet! Now to find a little creative motivation.

And speaking of creativity, Ali Edwards has begun a “Daily Something”. I adore her work, and this idea of integrating some sort of creativity into each and every day is such an inspiration. *Love it*.

And if this overdue blog entry isn’t long enough, here are a few things I’ve been eyeing:

Genius Ribbon Storage!

This is a genius ribbon storage do-hickey! It’s not yet available on the market. The company is named Your Pictured Memor-EZ. Isn’t that the greatest idea ever! More ribbon stored in less space! No tangles, all clean and tidy. Woohoo!

TI Botanical Bliss Queen Anne PP

And how about this new Tinkering Ink Botanical Bliss paper line? Another gotta-have as soon as it’s available on the market!!

MM Carousel

And one more – Making Memories Carousel Organizer! I had the pleasure of serving on a panel for them for a while and certainly enjoyed receiving the packages of goodies from them! Their stuff is the highest quality, and their latest organization stuff is the tops. There is also a nice wall shelf organizer thingie in a nice white beadboard that would look great in my crafting space, too! (Hmmmm. Where’s that list I’m making for Santa?)

Well, if anyone’s actually read this whole post – Congratulations! Send me your addy and I’ll send you a RAK!