The Variety Post

8 09 2007

Well, there’s been a lot going on, as usual. The most significant news is that my Dad had a heart attack about 10 days ago. The pain woke him up in the middle of the night. He thought it was indigestion, took some Tums and that did not help. He drank some water and that did not help. Then the pain was radiating down his left arm, so he woke up my step-mom to take him to the hospital. They went to Port Charlotte Regional Medical Center and were well taken care of. Once they verified that he was having a heart attack, they tried angioplasty (the balloon thing into the artery to try to open things up) but that did not work. So they ended up placing at least one stent. I’m still not positive exactly what they did for him. But he said he finally started feeling some relief after they finished one of the procedures. He did not have to have bypass surgery, thank goodness. He’s got like 6 new pills per day, and his endocrinologist did not have hosp priviledges there, so another endocrinologist changed his whole insulin routine. His blood sugars are still running on the high side, but hopefully that will be resolved at one of his follow-up appts here very soon.

I love you so much, Dad. I hope you feel better and better every single day until you’re better than ever!! (Dad’s the cute one on the left!)

Bill, Nick, Garrett, Sandy, Kevin, Peter, Susan
The Dobbins place up-country NH, summer of 07.


Since I posted last, I was in Phoenix last week, was on vacation the week before, and in Indianapolis the week before that. I’ll be taking off for Houston tomorrow, so that I can be in that office bright and early Monday morning!

Here’s a shot of the place I stayed in Phoenix:


And a bitty picture of the resort itself. It was meticulously manicured and such a beautiful setting. Lots of quail running around and making little quail noises.


The whole Walgreen’s acquisition is complete, and now it’s “hurry up and wait” time, so that we’ll know more of the details. Everything is in committees now and being researched, compared, contrasted, evaluated, etc. How fun! 😉

I’ve got a couple of wool bowls knitted up and ready to be felted. I did them in Cascade 220 yarn in a really nice burgundy color. I think they will go nicely in the family room on one of the shelves. While I was in Phoenix I also started knitting with size 5 pearl cotton to knit a bracelet. It’s coming out really cute so far. Hopefully I can get the lace pattern down and not confuse myself!

My back is still bothering me a LOT. See the MD on the 17th and maybe he’ll have some ideas for me. I had a steroid injection into the epidural space while Garrett was here from NH, and I got some relief for a couple of days. I think I just aggravate that poor disc so much though that it can’t really heal up well. Owie.

Well – catch ya soon! Have a great week (or two??)




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