My Sweet 16 Quilt

30 09 2007

When i turned 16, my maternal grandmother, GiGi, presented a gorgeous quilt to me. She had it made by a woman in Stanwood in 1979 especially for me! I was thrilled then, even though at the time I wasn’t into quilting. Over the years I came to appreciate it *so* much, and it has always provided me comfort. As you can see from the pictures below, it has been a bit “over-loved”.


It is showing a lot of wear and tear!! I’ve wanted to have it repaired, or do it myself, for years now. The back is is even worse shape. It’s really, really worn and falling to pieces!! Today, I decided to dig it out of the box it’s been sitting in since we moved to San Antonio. The quilt has no binding, so I simply began to remove the seams around the outside. Something different about this quilt is that there is a layer of cheesecloth between the top and the batting. I’ve never seen that construction method before, but I have heard that it is done sometimes to prevent the batting from “bearding” through to the front.


The second step in the deconstruction for repair was to remove the lovely kermit green yarn that was used to tie the quilt. Now the top and the back are in the laundry room with a fresh bottle of Dreft, ready for a good soak and rinse. I’ve got some calico and tiny print fabrics in the same tones picked out of my stash. I haven’t decided if I’ll remove the blocks or not, or maybe fuse some fabric to what is there. I’m also going to add an outside border to help with the blocks wearing along the edges, and also to increase the size. And I’ll add a nice double binding, also to preserve it from too much wear and tear. Hopefully once I get it fixed, I can get another 28-30 years out of it!


(L to R: Jake’s bum, Seamus, Zoe Dante and Abbey)

Ed went up to College Station to see Big Todd yesterday. Big Todd is a firefighter at the oil refinery in Anacortes and came to College Station for a week of training. On Ed’s way home today, he picked up a new mattress at Costco. Mmmmmm. Memory Foam! I can hardly wait to go to bed tonight and try it out! Of course the cats were intrigued with the mattress that we had taken out. I was amazed to get all of them in one shot together! That’s never happened before!

Have a great week!

Betsy 🙂




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