Halloween ~ My Favorite Holiday to Decorate For

21 10 2007

(OK, the Title ends in a preposition, but it’s Sunday, so the grammar police aren’t around today, right?;))

I had signed up for a class at Scrapbook 911 about a month ago, and was unable to attend because of my back, but I did get my class kit anyway. And despite my back screaming at me, I put this puppy together! Yummy Halloween Goodness!

Scrapbook 911 Class Sample:


And here’s my (Awww – her’s so cute!!!) version:






There is a little light bulb inside the house that shines through the windows. Do you see the little ghosties in the windows??? And the bats over the chimney??? The “yard” does look a bit naked, so I’ll be hunting down some little tomb stones, or spiders or something to put around there.

I finished knitting another washcloth yesterday, and cast yet another on. I’m finding it’s a great way to learn different stitches and it’s great practice on knowing where I am on a charted pattern as well as picking up dropped stitches and really knowing where I am in a row. It sounds a lot easier than it is in the beginning!

Here’s a quick rundown of some of our other recent happenings:

  • The new rec room furniture arrived yesterday. Sooo comfy! Yea!
  • Ed has installed the new fridge, double ovens and dishwasher. Only the cooktop to go, and that has to wait until the granite is installed!
  • We finally found a sink we liked that would fit, only to find out when we got it home that it probably won’t fit because of the little corner support thingies. Crud~!
  • I had another MRI Friday. Seeing the neurosurgeon Tuesday for the follow-up. Still waiting to see what will happen…
  • We have several toads in the back yard that CoCo keeps trying to “make friends” with. Making friends is comprised of barking at and mouthing the little guys. Of course, the toads respond by peeing in/on her, causing her to foam at the mouth and bark at them more. Their latest means of escape has become jumping in the pool! I have several pics of them in the pool. There were 3 there Friday night. hee hee hee
  • Nick has been applying for jobs – Best Buy, GameStop, etc. Something up his alley!
  • Nick still has his heart set on going to the U of W. We shall see how that works out… He is registered for the SAT in December.
  • Ed’s working nice and close to home. He’s been a real sweetie and has been taking me to all of my MD appts. It’s really nice to have his support through all of this.
  • Little Puddin’ has himself a little eye infection or injury. I guess I’ll be calling the vet tomorrow to get him in to get it checked out. He was “winky” on Friday and I can tell it’s bothered him all weekend. I figure it’s a scratch on his eye or a little infection.
  • Been logging onto Ravelry regularly. There is so much inspiration in there. What beautiful work and diversity in designs!! I highly recommend it.

Thanks for stopping by!