Pat Sloan/Apronista Giveaway!

26 11 2007

Thought I’d share a great couple of blogs I’ve been stalking since becoming re-obsessed with quilting recently: The Apronista Blog, and Pat Sloan’s blog. Pat has whipped up 2 of the cutest aprons I’ve seen in a while, and they are being given away on The Apronista’s blog. It looks like the Apronistas have give-aways pretty much every week, and have some pretty awesome connections, tutorial links and Flickr galleries. And Pat Sloan is a pretty well known author/quilter/designer with a pretty fun style.

Looks like I’m down for the count again with my back. I was feeling *so* good for about 2 weeks, sewing up a storm and getting out and about with Ed. Last week was really painful and I spent the day in bed yesterday. I worked for about 5 hours today and had to go lay down. I was in tears. 😦

We had a low-key Turkey Day – just the 3 of us. Ed and Nick took care of the entire meal and did a really wonderful job. I wasn’t in much of a thankful mood, being in so much pain. We (as a family) have SO much to be thankful for every single day of our lives, and do talk about that subject occasionally among ourselves. Life is good!!!

Off to the MD tomorrow for an epidural injection. Hopefully that will take the edge off, and make sure I’m able to travel to Chicago the week of the 3rd.


  • Pics of the finished kitchen. It really does look *great*!!
  • All the holiday decorating is done, too, so I’ll post some pics of a couple of new additions for the new year.

Not too much else is going on. Over the 4-day weekend, I bought a couple of domains and am planning to launch a self-hosted, enhanced blog. This got me to thinking about my “mission statement” for my blog. It does currently serve several purposes, like communicating with family and friends, and sharing pics. I’d like to begin to include some tutorials so that I can share some of my knowledge with anyone who stumbles upon my little piece of the Internet!





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