A Quickie Fig Post

25 01 2008

Well, I’m not much of a fig lover (the fruit), but I am definitely a Fig Tree Quilts fan. So if you are a quilter (or ever wanted to try it!), head on over to Fig Tree Quilts and look at the new quilt kit available for Pre-Order!! Joanna has designed some truly darling fabrics, quilts and accessories. Here is the yummy quilt. It is the perfect combination of piecing and applique.

And here are a couple of recent pictures highjacked from her blog (below). These are just the look and feel that I love. Kind of country, but fresh – not shabby. Plenty of color, but pretty and somewhat muted.


I just love the old drying rack with quilts on it. Growing up we always had one – but I’ve never bought one. That’s now on my list. I’ve been talking to Ed for years about having some sort of display rack or ladder for holding my quilts. The ones that are not hung up are on hangers in my craft room closet. I’d really like to take some of the displayed quilts down off the wall and display them this way. That opens up so much wall space for putting up artwork and pictures. And I may just paint the drying rack it a nice blue (since I won’t be drying clothes on it). (Now if I only had *bolts* of fabric to stack next to my quilts! 😉

So, I still I.O.U. the items noted below. And did I mention photos of 3 quilts I finished last weekend. Maybe.

Big xoxoxo’s to my family and friends.


Oh for shame!! Must post soon!!

18 01 2008

Well Christmas has come and gone, New Year’s too. And I.O.U. pictures galore of the finished kitchen, my new baby (car), and miscellaneous other happenings in the Pratt family. I did get a letter from a relative (My Mom’s cousin Janet) in the Olympia/Aberdeen area, and we have suffered a loss of our tiny little family. My Mom’s cousin Dale died of heart failure at the age of 50-something.  He died a couple of weeks before Christmas. That is terribly tragic, and brings to mind how lucky I am to have the family I do have left. Which brings to mind that I need to communicate more often to my dear family members and make sure they know how very precious they are to me. Each and every one.

Tomorrow is another day. Actually, as 12:03, it’s tomorrow already. TGIF – and I’ll try to post over the weekend. I have the pics all downloaded from the cameras, just need to compress them and share.