Good Golly!

4 03 2008

Looking at the old blog I see that I completely missed February! C’est la vie!

So what is new? Hmmm. Found out that Nick’s graduation ceremony will be held on our 23rd anniversary, May 31, 2008. While watching an episode of Martha Stewart Crafts on DIY a few weeks back, she was talking wedding stationary (for which I have no need), including Save the Date cards. It occurred to me that this would be a nice idea to apply to Nick’s graduation, since everyone who we would invite is from out of town. So I made up some postcards and got those in the mail Monday. Phase I done! Now to get that cap & gown, class ring, announcements, etc. all ordered. Oh yeah, and senior pictures! Oops. We still haven’t done those. I *really* need to get them done. I just have to talk him into going. 😉

Ed had rotator cuff surgery done 4 weeks ago now and is doing very well. You’d never even know that he even had it done.

We are planning to replace all the windows with some more energy-efficient double-paned 3/4″ Low E + Argon gas vinyl windows. We’re also reconfiguring the kitchen door and picture windows in the rec room. The window will become a french door, and the current kitchen door in the breakfast nook will become a window. We may even be able to build a window seat there now. We’re really excited about doing this!

The pets are all good. CoCo’s showing her age more and more but is OK.

Work is going fine. Been missing too much due to my back, though. Exploring some options there.

No real crafting been happening, also due to my back. I am working on an applique block of the month on The Quilt Show though and am really enjoying the hand work. It’s what I can do right now. I have quite a bit of knitting to do also.

I’ve been converted from Microsoft Outlook/Exchange to Lotus Notes today. :O My laptop is ready, so I must sign off, get ready for my 3PM meeting and start checking out Notes.

Wish me LUCK!!


p.s. Sorry for a no-pics post!




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