Harley Davidson

13 04 2008

Ed bought a gorgeous HD a few weeks ago, March 19th actually. Here it is coming home to Ed’s garage one lovely evening. He borrowed a trailer from his boss to bring it home from Cowboy Harley Davidson in Austin, TX.

Ed\'s new Harley Davidson Street Glide


When we moved to TX, and Ed had his license changed over and apparently was concentrating on making sure that his CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) was carried over, and with the correct grade. Unfortunately, the licensing person missed his motorcycle endorsement and Ed did not catch it. So he has to go through the classes and take the test. Oh well. He hadn’t ridden a bike since he had one when he was about 18 or 19 anyway. And over the last 25 years or so that we’ve been together, I wasn’t exactly supportive of the idea of Ed getting a bike. Now that he’s gotten most of that fearless, invincible “thing” out of his system, when he brought it up a few months ago, I thought it would ge something pretty fun for him, and maybe even me. One of the other foremen that Ed works with has a bike and lives about 45 minutes away up in New Braunfels, decided to get a new bike and invited Ed to go with him. That, folks, was all she wrote. Ed found the bike of his dreams, got a loan, and there she is!

Fast forward to one week ago today. Sunday April 6, 2008. Ed’s friend invited him to go riding with him. Ed had taken his written test, passed it and was able to ride as long as he was with another rider with an endorsement. Great! Ed left early in the morning, maybe 8am. He called at about 5pm and Nick answered the phone. Nick says “How bad is it Dad? On a scale of 1-10?” Nick says “oh – a 5?” The ambulance is on it’s way? Where are you? OK, bye.” So by now, my heart has stopped, I am hoping it is some sort of twisted joke and I’m trying not to panic horribly. Nick says Ed said they had ridden all day, had a great time and right after Ed had split off from the guys he was riding with, he hit gravel and went down. Ed was on 46 about 5-10 minutes from home. So I couldn’t stand the thought of Ed laying on the side of the road, waiting for an ambulance. I got dressed {yeah – disgustingly slovenly huh? Sunday, 5pm and not even dressed?} grabbed my purse and cell phone and took off, leaving Nick at home in case Ed called back there. I headed for 46, which is really 10 minutes from home, and since I did not know which way Ed was, I decided to go West toward Boerne. I tried calling Ed’s call, tried calling home, and could not get through on my cell phone at all. @#%*&%!#*^(&^ And for those of you who know me, yes, all of that came out of my mouth every time I tried to call and could not get through.


Fast forward again. I find out Ed is being taken to the new Boerne Methodist ER, so I meet him there. Exam, X-Rays, wounds cleaned. Result: broken scapula, sprained shoulder, dislocated/sprained thumb, broken toes, abrasions, scrapes, contusions. Treatment: shoulder – let the break heal on it’s own. The muscles will keep it in place; MRI Monday 4/14 to determine actual damage and why it looks wonky and out of wack; thumb – surgical repair on Wed 4/16 since it won’t stay in place; broken toes – leave them be and they will heal; abrasions, scrapes, contusions – scrub, scrub, scrub, antibiotic ointment, daily dressing changes. We’ve gone through at least $110 in gauze pads, tape, gauze wrap, self-adhering wraps, ace bandages and antibiotic ointment. Good thing I’ve got that 15% Walgreen’s employee discount. 😉

I decided to not include any wound pictures. They are pretty gross. Some wounds were deep, most were just removal of nearly all layers of skin. Gross, gross, gross. This is why I never followed in the footsteps of the women in my family. But I can say that there was a great sense of satisfaction in tending to a loved one’s needs, and helping bring health and healing to him.

He has not been able to sleep in bed yet. It is very painful for him to get up, even up out of a chair. And of course he’s already been back to work Wed morning, Thursday & Friday. He is absolutely nuts if you ask me when it comes to working. He did not take any pain medication during the day, so was out of control by the time he came home. So the recliner is his bed, and with the Valium for muscle spasms and some Vicodin DS for pain, he sleeps better than usual.

At least he did not ruin his latest surgery – his rotator cuff repair was the right side, and his wreck was his left side.

His bike is likely totaled. We should hear about that tomorrow.

This weekend’s excitement is the toilet cracking in our bathroom. So Nick is learning all he never wanted to know about toilets and plumbing. What did I do? I made cupcakes! I’m also making some cards for some dear friends who showed a lot of support with Ed’s accident, knowing that my back is wasted. Oh – and that surgery is scheduled for 4/24, with my pre-op scheduled for this week. Yippee-skippy, huh? I hope you have a great week!





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