A watercolor quilt that I cut up and added the arrows to. A similar pattern is in one of the In The Beginning (Seattle) quilt books.


A quickie wallhanging I put together with some Mumm Halloween fabric. (2007)


Halloween quilt with Debbie Mumm fabric. ( 2006)


Miniature Bow Tie quilt. Machine pieced, hand quilted. (c. 1996)


Independence Day wallhanging made with the Busy Bees Quilt Guild, circa 1995. First time doing set-in seams.


A little potholder made with that cute Debbie Mumm fabric. Hand pieced, hand quilted, hand finished.


Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt. I hand pieced this while my Mom was in the hospital for her subarachnoid hemorrhage, Jan 1997. Hand pieced, hand appliqued, machine pieced border.


Houses quilt done while at a quilt retreat with my buddies from WA, circa 1995. Machine pieced, machine quilted.


I pieced this quilt for Ed. The City he worked for back home in WA was a big chicken farming community before becoming a retail haven. 2005 or 2006.


Christmas applique wallhanging made for my maternal grandmother GiGi, circa 1995. She let me know every year when she hung it up, so I know that she enjoyed it.


I made the same wallhanging for my Mom the same year, and I’ve got it in safekeeping for now.


And I think this quilt takes the cake for the most pieces in an applique quilt ever! lol. I remember taking blocks from this quilt with me to Minneapolis in December to work on it. That was one C-O-L-D trip! But I was warm and cozy in my hotel room working on this. 😉


One of my favorite color combinations have always been yellow and blue. The yellow blocks are actually 4-patch blocks. I machine pieced this, and machine quilted it also. I think this was one of my first machine stipple quilting projects.


Amish quilt from a class I took with my quilting buddies at Quilt with Ease in Everett, WA. It was my second quilt class, and the instructor taught us a great half-square triangle method, which opened up a great deal of possibilities and variations for this quilt. It was really fun to piece all of the different blocks and explore with the color and pattern. I made up the pattern for the sashing for this (of course I’ve seen the same pattern since – but I hadn’t before I did it this way ;)) Machine pieced, machine quilted in the ditch. Circa 1994 or 1995


A little Schoolhouse quilt from a Debbie Mumm pattern, using a lot of Debbie Mumm fabric. (Can you tell she’s one of my fave fabric designers??;)) When Nick was in grade school I gave some of these to his teachers. Kindergarten and First/Second grade teachers for sure. I still have a bunch of these blocks sitting in a ziplock bag.


When my quilt “gang” and I were on a minature kick, I made this little rail fence quilt. The entire thing is only about 10″x10″. It’s just a wee little quilt. 😉


This is the first quilt ever. When Nick was a baby (and we were really, really broke), I had talked to Ed about how much I would really like to take a quilting class someday. So he went to the quilt shop in town and signed me up for a class and had the ladies there pick out the fabric! The ladies were absolutely thrilled and the owner always remembered me as the woman whose husband was brave enough to go into a quilt shop for his wife! The patten is Double Irish Chain. It is a twin size quilt. I hand quilted in the alternate blocks (the dark blue area) with all sorts of moons and stars, and the center block has the cow jumping over the moon. 😉 I also machine quilted diagonally through the dark blue chains. I’m pretty proud of this quilt. I had an excellent teacher and she shared quite a few tips and tricks with me to make it look great!


And here is the wedding quilt I made for my brother-in-law & his wife. Again my crappy photography skills don’t do this one justice. I asked each of them for photos of them as children and grown up, and photo transferred them to fabric. I then got them all to one size by adding the green patterned fabric. The checkerboard-type rows between each block are all stone-type printed fabrics. When I selected the fabrics, I chose the greens because that is Mark’s favorite color, and then selected the stones to symbolize the paths through each of their lives that led them to be together. The inner and outer border s are some beautiful batiks. I sent the quilt off to Winding River Quilts to have it long-arm quilted. They did a beautiful job on the quilting. After being married for over a year, I was finally able to give the quilt to Mark and Lori. In my defense, they eloped, so I had no prior notice. 😉


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16 01 2010
Double Wedding Ring Quilts

With my husband retiring soon and I’m looking for present ideas and searching for a quitls I can give him. It’s tough trying to find a good site that you can trust. Booked marked and will be visiting again…Thanks!

12 07 2011
DEBBIE MUMM PATTERNS | Kitchen Appliances & Accessories

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