Harley Davidson

13 04 2008

Ed bought a gorgeous HD a few weeks ago, March 19th actually. Here it is coming home to Ed’s garage one lovely evening. He borrowed a trailer from his boss to bring it home from Cowboy Harley Davidson in Austin, TX.

Ed\'s new Harley Davidson Street Glide


When we moved to TX, and Ed had his license changed over and apparently was concentrating on making sure that his CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) was carried over, and with the correct grade. Unfortunately, the licensing person missed his motorcycle endorsement and Ed did not catch it. So he has to go through the classes and take the test. Oh well. He hadn’t ridden a bike since he had one when he was about 18 or 19 anyway. And over the last 25 years or so that we’ve been together, I wasn’t exactly supportive of the idea of Ed getting a bike. Now that he’s gotten most of that fearless, invincible “thing” out of his system, when he brought it up a few months ago, I thought it would ge something pretty fun for him, and maybe even me. One of the other foremen that Ed works with has a bike and lives about 45 minutes away up in New Braunfels, decided to get a new bike and invited Ed to go with him. That, folks, was all she wrote. Ed found the bike of his dreams, got a loan, and there she is!

Fast forward to one week ago today. Sunday April 6, 2008. Ed’s friend invited him to go riding with him. Ed had taken his written test, passed it and was able to ride as long as he was with another rider with an endorsement. Great! Ed left early in the morning, maybe 8am. He called at about 5pm and Nick answered the phone. Nick says “How bad is it Dad? On a scale of 1-10?” Nick says “oh – a 5?” The ambulance is on it’s way? Where are you? OK, bye.” So by now, my heart has stopped, I am hoping it is some sort of twisted joke and I’m trying not to panic horribly. Nick says Ed said they had ridden all day, had a great time and right after Ed had split off from the guys he was riding with, he hit gravel and went down. Ed was on 46 about 5-10 minutes from home. So I couldn’t stand the thought of Ed laying on the side of the road, waiting for an ambulance. I got dressed {yeah – disgustingly slovenly huh? Sunday, 5pm and not even dressed?} grabbed my purse and cell phone and took off, leaving Nick at home in case Ed called back there. I headed for 46, which is really 10 minutes from home, and since I did not know which way Ed was, I decided to go West toward Boerne. I tried calling Ed’s call, tried calling home, and could not get through on my cell phone at all. @#%*&%!#*^(&^ And for those of you who know me, yes, all of that came out of my mouth every time I tried to call and could not get through.


Fast forward again. I find out Ed is being taken to the new Boerne Methodist ER, so I meet him there. Exam, X-Rays, wounds cleaned. Result: broken scapula, sprained shoulder, dislocated/sprained thumb, broken toes, abrasions, scrapes, contusions. Treatment: shoulder – let the break heal on it’s own. The muscles will keep it in place; MRI Monday 4/14 to determine actual damage and why it looks wonky and out of wack; thumb – surgical repair on Wed 4/16 since it won’t stay in place; broken toes – leave them be and they will heal; abrasions, scrapes, contusions – scrub, scrub, scrub, antibiotic ointment, daily dressing changes. We’ve gone through at least $110 in gauze pads, tape, gauze wrap, self-adhering wraps, ace bandages and antibiotic ointment. Good thing I’ve got that 15% Walgreen’s employee discount. šŸ˜‰

I decided to not include any wound pictures. They are pretty gross. Some wounds were deep, most were just removal of nearly all layers of skin. Gross, gross, gross. This is why I never followed in the footsteps of the women in my family. But I can say that there was a great sense of satisfaction in tending to a loved one’s needs, and helping bring health and healing to him.

He has not been able to sleep in bed yet. It is very painful for him to get up, even up out of a chair. And of course he’s already been back to work Wed morning, Thursday & Friday. He is absolutely nuts if you ask me when it comes to working. He did not take any pain medication during the day, so was out of control by the time he came home. So the recliner is his bed, and with the Valium for muscle spasms and some Vicodin DS for pain, he sleeps better than usual.

At least he did not ruin his latest surgery – his rotator cuff repair was the right side, and his wreck was his left side.

His bike is likely totaled. We should hear about that tomorrow.

This weekend’s excitement is the toilet cracking in our bathroom. So Nick is learning all he never wanted to know about toilets and plumbing. What did I do? I made cupcakes! I’m also making some cards for some dear friends who showed a lot of support with Ed’s accident, knowing that my back is wasted. Oh – and that surgery is scheduled for 4/24, with my pre-op scheduled for this week. Yippee-skippy, huh? I hope you have a great week!



Oh for shame!! Must post soon!!

18 01 2008

Well Christmas has come and gone, New Year’s too. And I.O.U. pictures galore of the finished kitchen, my new baby (car), and miscellaneous other happenings in the Pratt family. I did get a letter from a relative (My Mom’s cousin Janet) in the Olympia/Aberdeen area, and we have suffered a loss of our tiny little family. My Mom’s cousin Dale died of heart failure at the age of 50-something.Ā  He died a couple of weeks before Christmas. That is terribly tragic, and brings to mind how lucky I am to have the family I do have left. Which brings to mind that I need to communicate more often to my dear family members and make sure they know how very precious they are to me. Each and every one.

Tomorrow is another day. Actually, as 12:03, it’s tomorrow already. TGIF – and I’ll try to post over the weekend. I have the pics all downloaded from the cameras, just need to compress them and share.


What about Copper?

1 12 2007

I’ve never really given it much thought, but something copper is coming my way. Ed bought it today. Wanna guess what it is? I’ve been wanting one for about 3 years (although, as I mentioned, I hadn’t thought of copper).


What do you think?;)

My Sweet 16 Quilt

30 09 2007

When i turned 16, my maternal grandmother, GiGi, presented a gorgeous quilt to me. She had it made by a woman in Stanwood in 1979 especially for me! I was thrilled then, even though at the time I wasn’t into quilting. Over the years I came to appreciate it *so* much, and it has always provided me comfort. As you can see from the pictures below, it has been a bit “over-loved”.


It is showing a lot of wear and tear!! I’ve wanted to have it repaired, or do it myself, for years now. The back is is even worse shape. It’s really, really worn and falling to pieces!! Today, I decided to dig it out of the box it’s been sittingĀ in since we moved to San Antonio. The quilt has no binding, so I simply began to remove the seams around the outside. Something different about this quilt is that there is a layer of cheesecloth between the top and the batting. I’ve never seen that construction method before, but I have heard that it is done sometimes to prevent the batting from “bearding” through to the front.


The second step in the deconstruction for repair was to remove the lovely kermit green yarn that was used to tie the quilt. Now the top and the back are in the laundry room with a fresh bottle of Dreft, ready for a good soak and rinse. I’ve got some calico and tiny print fabrics in the same tones picked out of my stash. I haven’t decided if I’ll remove the blocks or not, or maybe fuse some fabric to what is there. I’m also going to add an outside border to help with the blocks wearing along the edges, and also to increase the size. And I’ll add a nice double binding, also to preserve it from too much wear and tear. Hopefully once I get it fixed, I can get another 28-30 years out of it!


(L to R: Jake’s bum, Seamus, Zoe Dante and Abbey)

Ed went up to College Station to see Big Todd yesterday. Big Todd is a firefighter at the oil refinery in Anacortes and came to College Station for a week of training. On Ed’s way home today, he picked up a new mattress at Costco. Mmmmmm. Memory Foam! I can hardly wait to go to bed tonight and try it out! Of course the cats were intrigued with the mattress that we had taken out. I was amazed to get all of them in one shot together! That’s never happened before!

Have a great week!

Betsy šŸ™‚

The Variety Post

8 09 2007

Well, there’s been a lot going on, as usual. The most significant news is that my Dad had a heart attack about 10 days ago. The pain woke him up in the middle of the night. He thought it was indigestion, took some Tums and that did not help. He drank some water and that did not help. Then the pain was radiating down his left arm, so he woke up my step-mom to take him to the hospital. They went to Port Charlotte Regional Medical Center and were well taken care of. Once they verified that he was having a heart attack, they tried angioplasty (the balloon thing into the artery to try to open things up) but that did not work. So they ended up placing at least one stent. I’m still not positive exactly what they did for him. But he said he finally started feeling some relief after they finished one of the procedures. He did not have to have bypass surgery, thank goodness. He’s got like 6 new pills per day, and his endocrinologist did not have hosp priviledges there, so another endocrinologist changed his whole insulin routine. His blood sugars are still running on the high side, but hopefully that will be resolved at one of his follow-up appts here very soon.

I love you so much, Dad. I hope you feel better and better every single day until you’re better than ever!! (Dad’s the cute one on the left!)

Bill, Nick, Garrett, Sandy, Kevin, Peter, Susan
The Dobbins place up-country NH, summer of 07.


Since I posted last, I was in Phoenix last week, was on vacation the week before, and in Indianapolis the week before that. I’ll be taking off for Houston tomorrow, so that I can be in that office bright and early Monday morning!

Here’s a shot of the place I stayed in Phoenix:


And a bitty picture of the resort itself. It was meticulously manicured and such a beautiful setting. Lots of quail running around and making little quail noises.


The whole Walgreen’s acquisition is complete, and now it’s “hurry up and wait” time, so that we’ll know more of the details. Everything is in committees now and being researched, compared, contrasted, evaluated, etc. How fun! šŸ˜‰

I’ve got a couple of wool bowls knitted up and ready to be felted. I did them in Cascade 220 yarn in a really nice burgundy color. I think they will go nicely in the family room on one of the shelves. While I was in Phoenix I also started knitting with size 5 pearl cotton to knit a bracelet. It’s coming out really cute so far. Hopefully I can get the lace pattern down and not confuse myself!

My back is still bothering me a LOT. See the MD on the 17th and maybe he’ll have some ideas for me. I had a steroid injection into the epidural space while Garrett was here from NH, and I got some relief for a couple of days. I think I just aggravate that poor disc so much though that it can’t really heal up well. Owie.

Well – catch ya soon! Have a great week (or two??)

Hanging Out

10 08 2007

Well what’s new with you? I drove over to Houston Tuesday morning, and took the Nickster with me so that he could drive me home. I also had an ulterior motive. I wanted him to setup some of the PC’s over there. Tuesday afternoon was wonderfully productive for both of us! I had a room booked at the Sheraton over by the Galleria.
Sheraton Suites, HoustonĀ Galleria

It was a very nice hotel, great size room. The only bummer was that Nick got the pull-out sofa and the mattress was wafer thin! Not a good thing for a 6’2″ growing young man! šŸ˜‰

We decided to have some dinner brought in via TakeoutTaxi. Nick is really into that whole “bring me really good food” thing right now. We’re all sick of our same-old, same-old meals or fast food. And I couldn’t talk him into going out to dinner. He was tired from all that riding in the passenger seat and stuff, right? (Well, he really did dismantle 9 old PC’s and setup 9 new ones…) So we order Italian, eat a yummy dinner and then whammo – I’m sick. Really sick. Down for the count, miserable all night long. I’ve done Takeout Taxi in Chicago,Ā Los Angeles and Chico and never had a problem. But Houston – not so much. Ouch. Eww. So, I called the GM in the Houston office, explained the sitch to her and apologized. Then laid down for a couple of hours, packed and hit the road for home.

Nick’s driving has definitely improved!

Nickā€™s First DriveĀ Ever

(This was his first drive ever!)

He’s much more controlled now. Me being miserably ill in the car, dying to get home did make him a bit nervous, though, I think. And all the semi’s, and people with radar detectors going 180 mphscreaming up onto his bumper. That may have made him a bit nervous, too.

Nick - CameraĀ Shy

And he is just a ham for the camera! Oh how I miss that toothy grin of his from his younger days!

Speaking of pictures of Nick, it’s time to arrange for SENIOR PICTURES!! And I spent a bit of time browsing for a photographer, and believe I found the perfect one!! I love her photographic style! I think we’ll go for a nice outdoor location, maybe an early morning shoot so that it’s not 110 in the shade during the shoot! The photographer is Zoie Norris, of Norris Photography. Prices are comparable to others in the area, and did I mention I *love* her work?? šŸ™‚

On the work newsfront, everything is running like clockwork on the Walgreen’s acquisition of OptionCare. The current CFO for OptionCare, Paul Mastrapa, will be our new President. And it sounds like the software that I have been working with over the last few years andĀ implementing across the country will continue to be used, and the implementations will be accelerated. So some potential job security there. (Fingers crossed!) And the really good news is that the big pile of stock options I received when I took the GM position in San Antonio will be honored. So together with the 250 options from 2002, Nick may actually get some parental assistance with college tuition! And Ed may get that riding lawn mower he’s been dreaming of! 3/4 of an acre of grass is a PITA to mow every weekend!

On the crafting front, I’ve done zippo. There was a VC last weekend at ScrapVillage, and I did some chatting and hanging out with them, but really didn’t accomplish anything. However, hold onto your hat, I cleaned my craft room! I have an entirely clearĀ table top, as well as all my little goodies put in their place! Paper is organized, little embellishments sorted, tools all spiffied up and I’m ready to scrap, sew, quilt, knit and crochet! Now to find a little creative motivation.

And speaking of creativity, Ali Edwards has begun a “Daily Something”. I adore her work, and this idea of integrating some sort of creativity into each and every dayĀ is such an inspiration. *Love it*.

And if this overdue blog entry isn’t long enough, here are a few things I’ve been eyeing:

Genius RibbonĀ Storage!

This is a genius ribbon storage do-hickey! It’s not yet available on the market. The company is named Your Pictured Memor-EZ. Isn’t that the greatest idea ever! More ribbon stored in less space! No tangles, all clean and tidy. Woohoo!

TI Botanical Bliss Queen AnneĀ PP

And how about this new Tinkering Ink Botanical Bliss paper line? Another gotta-have as soon as it’s available on the market!!

MMĀ Carousel

And one more – Making Memories Carousel Organizer! I had the pleasure of serving on a panel for them for a while and certainly enjoyed receiving the packages of goodies from them! Their stuff is the highest quality, and their latest organization stuff is the tops. There is also a nice wall shelf organizer thingie in a nice white beadboard that would look great in my crafting space, too! (Hmmmm. Where’s that list I’m makingĀ for Santa?)

Well, if anyone’s actually read this whole post – Congratulations! Send me your addy and I’ll send you a RAK!



Houston, TX, Living Free & Work News…

2 07 2007

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been since May since I blogged! I was doing well for a while there! Oh well, here’s what’s been happening with me.

I finished a successful implementation with the Chico office. They were SO kind, cooperative and appreciative of my knowledge and skills. It’s satisfying to feel like I’ve made a difference. We all want to feel that, don’t we? No matter if it’s family stuff or work stuff or community stuff – anything. The staff there put together a scrapbook page for me, signed by all of the staff, with gift cards to Starbuck’s frappuccino.jpg

and Michael’smichaels-logo.gif!!

They also included maps to each from the Houston office, knowing I’d be there the following week! How is that for a fabulous prize! I was really surprised and very thankful.

I had begun work on my next site, Houston, TX, a few weeks ago, and was there last week. Since it’s only a couple hundred miles away, I decided to drive. And since I hadn’t seen Nick for 2 solid weeks, I decided to snag him to go with me. We had planned for him to do some of the driving, too, but he had a hard time waking up Monday morning. {Hmmm, after staying up 3/4 of the night playing WOW, I wonder why he was so tired??} We hit a couple of spots of blinding downpour, so I was glad I drove anyway. Anywho – the GM in Houston worked on the i-emphsys team a couple of years back, and we really hit it off and shared a lot of knowledge during that time and developed a real mutual respect. It was great to see her and to work with her all week. She has some really dedicated and seasoned staff to work with, and a fairly large operation.

Nick and I enjoyed seeing each other over dinner each night, and just spending time together in the evening. We stayed at the Hampton Inn, and it was pleasant. Not the Taj Mahal, but very clean and easy to get in/out of, close to the office. I had the work piled up, so we didn’t squeeze in any touristy stuff. It’s so hard to fit that in when I’m traveling. I’d really like to get to the Johnson Space Center for NASA.

And I was in a HUGE hurry to get home Friday night, left Houston at 3PM , in order to get in line for an IPHONE!!!! Ed and I had discussed getting them, and once he watched the video on what you can do with one, he was sold. He wanted one, too!! He got to the Apple store at La Cantera around 6:15, stood in line for a bit and had 2 brand spanking new iPhones for us by 6:45. Which was the exact time Nick and I pulled into the mall at La Cantera. What perfect timing!!

Ā Saturday was a waste of a day for me. I was exhausted from being on the road for 4 weeks and running my buns off. Sunday we all went to the Palladium for a double feature, but oops – I didn’t do what I usually do and buy the tickets online before we go – and Rattatouie (spelling??) was sold out. So we just saw Live Free or Die Hard
Live Free or DieĀ Hard!

(instead of both).Oh well – gotta love Bruce Willis. And the Mac commercials guy was a great sidekick for him. Major smart ass. It was a good movie! We’ll probably see the Rat on July 4th.

I haven’t scrapped, knit or quilted in a while. I am knitting a cupcake, but frogged the whole thing because I found a screw up in one of the previous rows and want it to be perfect. The knit cupcakes are the cutest things I’ve seen in a loooong time!knitcupcakes2.jpg

That’s it for now. We haven’t floated away yet with all of the rain! Wish us luck – it’s supposed to keep raining!