Good Golly!

4 03 2008

Looking at the old blog I see that I completely missed February! C’est la vie!

So what is new? Hmmm. Found out that Nick’s graduation ceremony will be held on our 23rd anniversary, May 31, 2008. While watching an episode of Martha Stewart Crafts on DIY a few weeks back, she was talking wedding stationary (for which I have no need), including Save the Date cards. It occurred to me that this would be a nice idea to apply to Nick’s graduation, since everyone who we would invite is from out of town. So I made up some postcards and got those in the mail Monday. Phase I done! Now to get that cap & gown, class ring, announcements, etc. all ordered. Oh yeah, and senior pictures! Oops. We still haven’t done those. I *really* need to get them done. I just have to talk him into going. ūüėČ

Ed had rotator cuff surgery done 4 weeks ago now and is doing very well. You’d never even know that he even had it done.

We are planning to replace all the windows with some more energy-efficient double-paned 3/4″ Low E + Argon gas vinyl windows. We’re also reconfiguring the kitchen door and picture windows in the rec room. The window will become a french door, and the current kitchen door in the breakfast nook will become a window. We may even be able to build a window seat there now. We’re really excited about doing this!

The pets are all good. CoCo’s showing her age more and more but is OK.

Work is going fine. Been missing too much due to my back, though. Exploring some options there.

No real crafting been happening, also due to my back. I am working on an applique block of the month on The Quilt Show though and am really enjoying the hand work. It’s what I can do right now. I have quite a bit of knitting to do also.

I’ve been converted from Microsoft Outlook/Exchange to Lotus Notes today. :O My laptop is ready, so I must sign off, get ready for my 3PM meeting and start checking out Notes.

Wish me LUCK!!


p.s. Sorry for a no-pics post!


Let’s Catch Up!

14 04 2007

I’d say it’s been a while since I blogged, huh? Here’s what I’ve been up to, for the most part:

– several more trips to Long Beach, CA for a successful software implementation

– lots more stitching, photography, knitting and scrapping

– hanging with the fam!

One of my very best friends from WA, Tomi, has had her 2nd baby!! It’s a boy! Luke is his name, and he is really adorable. Tomi and Kyle have made 2 absolutely gorgeous children! Way to go Tomi and Kyle!


*~* My dear sister decided to convert to Catholicism a while back and has been going through the classes to accomplish that. A couple of weeks ago she and her husband had their vows re-confirmed in the Catholic church. She called me, letting me know that she needed to apologize to me. I hadn’t a clue what she was talking about – then she let on that she had asked her sister-in-law to stand up for them in the church. I had to giggle. I really would have loved to be there for her. In their first wedding in 1984, I was being a really selfish 19yr old and wouldn’t commit to going to NH for the wedding. A large part of it was actually that I didn’t have a pot to pi** in or a window to throw it out of – and I just wasn’t sure I could squeeze out the bucks to fly out from WA. Anywho – she had to ask one of her friends to be maid of honor. Yeah, I should have gotten a second job, or found a way to be there. And if I had known about their vows in the Catholic church, I would have found a way to be there. I have plenty of FF miles to burn up. That would definitely have been a worthy cause.

*~* So today I finished a project I started yesterday. I’ve been nostagalically admiring some ads in the scrapbooking mags with flowerpots containing pinwheels. (It’s one of my fave quilt blocks, too!)¬† Amy Butler¬†is a designer who’s had some really yummy fabric lines for years now, and just came out with a line of scrapbooking papers and supplies. I snatched up some on a recent trip to the brand-spanking new Michael’s at The RIM!

So whadda ya think?



Yummy Amy Butler Pinwheels

*~* Today Ed went to the River City Bike Fest and found a few things he liked. Big surprise, huh? Boys and their toys? Almost as bad as me with shoes, bags and craft stuff! ūüėČ

Motorcycle w/Big Block Chevy Engine

Tomorrow I think I’ll finish Nick’s flannel quilt for him, then get packed up for Chico. That’ll be a long day of travel and work. Hopefully the hotel is decent. This will be my first trip to Chico. They are next on my list for work for the software implementation. They are a conscientious office and I am expecting them to be a great office to work with.

“C” ya soon.



Who’s got hair?

4 02 2007


Yeah, it’s humiliating, isn’t it? That is some BIG 80’s hair, huh? Posted this as a challenge from my scrapping buds. Guess it could be worse, huh?

30 Days Down ~ An Entire Life to Go!

21 01 2007

Well, I quit smoking on 12/21/06, so I’m counting today as one month down!¬† Ed and I had been planning to quit for a long time, and we finally took our last step – picking a date and just doing it! I thought that quitting while I was on vacation over the holidays would be a great time – and it worked out just as planned. I was busier with more fun things, not stressing about work, was not influenced by being at one of the offices where there is anyone smoking, and I could just relax about the whole thing. I ended up wearing a patch a few days, and I was *really* crabby a few days. We all got through it though – hopefully without any permanent damage!

¬†I finally got my hair done yesterday and I feel SO much better. It’s amazing what a good cut and color can do for a girl! ūüėČ

¬†I’ve got a big batch of stuff prepared and pulled together for Valentine’s Day cards. I think they will go together really nicely. I’ll probably get them done next weekend.

Friends of ours from Seattle, Dick and Bonnie,¬†will be here Thursday. We’re really excited to see them and have a chance to catch up. Dick has a class or business or something in Dallas, so they are coming all the way down here to see us~! Maybe we’ll go do some touristy things. I’m not sure yet how long they will be staying. We got the spare bedroom cleared out, and the bed remade. We haven’t had house guests since Dad & Sandy were here in May. That was a really great visit, and I bet this one will be, too. I’m sure there will¬†be great photo ops, too.

¬†Oh – and some really exciting news!! Nick got his driver’s permit Friday, so Ed took him out driving for about 2 hours on Saturday and today. Ed said he did really well. He has a few things to work on, but what new driver doesn’t?

A big woohoo for Nick!!

Happy New Year!!

1 01 2007

OMG! I can’t believe I have to go back to work tomorrow! This vacation has been a true pleasure. It was relaxing, yet I got a lot accomplished. That is a great feeling! The spare bedroom is clean and tidy; the pantry is clean and reorganized; my desk is clean (still need to buy some organization stuff and some shelves for above that desk); Nick’s bathroom is clean, freshly painted, wainscoting is up, trim is up, new light fixture is up, new towel bars, tp roll, etc are all up! The last thing to do in there is put new faucets in. We’re waiting for the ones we want to get restocked at Costco. They told Ed they were on order and should be stocked soon. Brushed nickel with a high spout. Very nice!

Ed did his yearly Christmas cleanup prior to 1/1. He’s even got all the outdoor lights taken down and put away! Jeesh! Speedy Gonzales with the Christmas cleanup! Guess I can’t complain now, can I? ūüėČ

Thanksgiving & A Biopsy

23 11 2006

Today was an absolute blast and took my mind off of yesterday. Nick and I fought the crowds at HEB yesterday and picked up a fresh turkey and all the goodies we needed. So today we popped the turkey in the oven and started cookin’! (And you know I hardly ever cook! ;)) So, turkey,¬†homemade stuffing, mashed potatoes (not from a box!), rolls, relish tray, cranberry jelly, deviled eggs, gravy, homemade pumpkin pie (with homemade crust and everything!!). Wow! I haven’t cooked that much in years. And Ed and Nick were such a big help. I used our double ovens for the first time. That was really nice. The best part was that I did not burn anything, and everything was done within a few minutes of each other. I usually burn something, and don’t get everything done at the same time. Woohooooooo! Still some excellent pieces of turkey breast left over for those yummy turkey &¬†dressing sandwiches tomorrow. Mmmmmm!

More health news. The nodules, they say, are fine for now. So I had a mammogram on the same day I had the CT scan. Got a call and a letter saying something showed up that they would like to check on further. I went Wed (11/22/06) for an ultrasound of my left breast. The us tech was very nice. She has a daughter turning 16 on Dec. 3, and they are having a huge Sweet 16 party for her. All the stuff that goes into the planning of a wedding, is going into this Sweet 16 party. Took my mind off of the reason I was there. I wasn’t really scared. Not scared of the procedure, and I figured the ultrasound would show that it was a cyst, fibroid or otherwise, and that it is nothing to worry about. Until the us tech took the pics to the radiologist. She took my hand in hers, told me that I should not worry, but that she found the¬†suspicious¬†spot that the radiologist has seen on the mammo. And she had captured enough information for the radiologist, she didn’t need to take any additional pics, and I didn’t have to repeat the mammo or anything. But I needed to follow-up ASAP to have a biopsy done. She told me that the mass was solid and that it was suspicious. And she told me not to worry and held my hand. And so I became increasingly worried. I tried to focus on what she was telling me and not freak out. She said I would receive a letter in the mail from the radiologist, and my doctor would receive the radiology report maybe Friday because of the holiday. Then I could schedule my biopsy. So I wiped the ultrasound gel from my breast and went to the changing room to get dressed. And I told myself not to freak out. The nodules in my lung, and a tumor in my breast could be completely unrelated, with absolutely nothing to worry about. But I’m on the verge of freaking out.

Drove home, called my boss and told him I’d be worthless the rest of the day and asked for the afternoon off to research. And that’s what I’ve been doing. Researching biopsies. Needle biopsies. UTHSC has a new one. I need to discuss with my MD what he thinks, and make a quick decision. There is a Breast Center in San Antonio, too. I’ll be looking closely at that, also. And consulting with the nurses I know. Terri was in oncology for a few years and will have an opinion on who to see or not to see for breast stuff. Not that I need an oncologist. But not knowing who in town is best to see for a biopsy, it would be great to get an insider’s advice. And Terri is the sweetest of nurses. She left Option Care shortly after I went back to work for corporate.

So that’s the news for yesterday and today.

Oh yeah – nodules

29 10 2006

I just realized that in my previous entry, I failed to mention that I had my 6-month follow-up CT scan of my lungs. In Feb when I had pneumonia, they x-rayed my lungs. Besides pneumonia, they found a 4cm “thing”. I had to have a CT scan, and was told I had a nodule in my left lung. Nothing to worry about, just need to watch it to see if it’s grown or changed in 6 months. Hmmm. Nothing to worry about. OK.

Anyway, had the follow-up CT scan done, and I called for the results. The nurse (ditz) read the radiologist’s report to me over the phone. “None of them has changed or grown” she says. “None of them? I thought I only had one!” I say. She giggles. Nervous talking to me about this? Completely unaware of the impact or worry over having one, or more, nodules in my lungs? I decided it would be best to have her fax it to me so that I could read it myself, and decide for myself if I should worry or not. So she did. And here is what it says:

The right lung demonstrates several subcentimeter nodules scattered throughout; primarily the periphery with the largest: stable nodule noted on image In the left lower lung the largest nodule is in the posterior lateral aspect measuring 4.6 mm. No new definite nodules are seen. So wow. It’s 4.6 mm, not cm. I guess that’s good? And no changes, no new nodules, that’s definitely good.
When I read the part about having several scattered in my right lung, I couldn’t help but flashback to 1980-something when Dr. Phillip Henderson told me about my endometriosis, and dotted onto a napkin what the inside of my peritoneum looked like when he went in. Tons of little dots scattered throughout. Never heard of endometriosis in your lungs – but I flashed back to that nevertheless.
Oh – and I had my first mammogram the same day I had the CT scan. Ed said there was a message from my MD’s office saying to call them. They must have the results for that now, too. Hopefully more good news! That’s all folks!! Off again. xoxo